The Un-Method-Method Birth Class


The Un-Method-Method Birth Class

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UPCOMING THURSDAY SERIES: 201 Dey Street, Suite 216

  • September 12-October 24th, 6-9pm

  • November 7th- December 19th, skipping Thanksgiving, 6-9pm

ONE DAY CLASSES: ** One day classes are held Cayuga Medical Center **

  • 2019 classes are first Saturday of each Month

    • 9/7, 10/5, 11/2, 12/7

    • Class runs from 9am-5pm with an hour for lunch

  • PLEASE NOTE- To attend these classes you must register and pay the $100 fee through CMC: (607) 274-4408.

There is no right or wrong way to birth a baby. Couples are faced with many decisions to navigate as they make the best choices for themselves. I believe that childbirth education is profoundly important in helping pregnant people and couples explore their options while they prepare for birth and the transition into parenthood. Having access to information is both a right and a responsibility as a new parent. In addition to information, the most valuable thing a person can bring to birth is trust in their body and the birthing process.

Rather than teach one type of labor support, classes are designed to help couples understand the birth process, while providing information about what the evidence shows us about birth. By helping to understand the array of options available and teaching a wide range of coping strategies to help individuals/couples have a satisfying birth experience, my goal is to connect parents to their strengths and beliefs about birth. By providing pregnant people and partners with a range of evidence-based information, I encourage them to follow their instincts in birth, creating space for families to empower themselves to make the choices that are right for their body, their birth and their baby.

" This class and it is a superb way to prep you for the entire process of your little's arrival. You will learn lots about labor, baby, breastfeeding, and bodily factoids plus really practical strategies for all the aspects of becoming parent. You will have fun, get informed, plus gain a community of friends who will have babes the same age....invaluable during postpartum and beyond...this class is so worth it!" -Paula, 2015

Un-Method-Method Birth Class

I offer one day intensives (for up to 12 couples), on-going small group classes (no larger than 6 couples) or teach private sessions catering to your specific interests about birth. The 6 week childbirth education series and private sessions typically cover:

  • Discovering your beliefs about birth

  • Identifying and overcoming birth fears

  • Third trimester, self-care and complimentary care for pregnancy

  • Exercise and nutrition

  • Signs of labor

  • Phases and stages of labor

  • Discover how similar birth is to sex

  • You have what you need: discovering your natural pain coping strategies

  • Movement and positions for labor

  • Massage, rebozo, and acupressure for labor

  • The role of the partner and the role of a doula

  • Develop excellent communication with your birth team

  • Medical technology and interventions: evidence based practices

  • Transfer to the hospital (for homebirth only)

  • Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding

  • Newborn care: caring for your mammal

  • Diapers, baby wearing, crying and comfort

  • The postpartum body

  • Postpartum relationships, change in identity and sexuality

  • Healthy habits for happy relationships

  • Creating a supportive community

  • Transition into parenthood

The One Day Expectant Parent Classes leave you feeling prepared, but we are not able to go into the detail that would be in the 6 week series, or spend as much time connecting to other classmates. This will be held at the Birthplace at Cayuga Medical Center, so we are able to tour and use the tools that are available at the hospital. For individuals and couples who can't commit to a full 6 weeks, it is a GREAT option!

*this list does not include all information that would be included in a VBAC, or refresher class*

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Classes FAQ

What is the best way to sign up for classes?

The best way to sign up for the ongoing group or private sessions is through the link on the classes page.  Group classes will be closed when there are 6 couples signed up, and will need a minimum of three couples for a series to run. If you are interested in the one day Expectant Parent class you must register through The Birthplace at CMC: (607) 274-4408.

If you have questions on what is the best fit, schedule a 15 minute call with Kate to find out more information: 917-613-7865.

When should I take classes?

Babies can arrive anytime after 37 weeks of pregnancy. It is best to be done with your childbirth education classes by 36 or 37 weeks to be on the safe side.  **If you miss a class because you had your baby, I always offer one postpartum home visit to help with your transition.

How long is a childbirth education series?

Class series are different lengths depending on the type of series you opt to take.
For a private series, classes run 4 weeks long at 3 hours a class.  For a group series, classes run 5-7 weeks (depending on class size) and are 2-3 hours a class.   One day childbirth education classes are from 9-5 on a scheduled the first Saturday of the month (except July).  The Spinning Babies Parent Class or Pain Coping Workshops are 3 hours. Classes have breaks for the bathroom, snacks and time to get to know other participants.

I am interested in a One-Day Expectant Parent Class, Spinning Babies Parent Class, or The Pain Coping Toolbox Class.

Wonderful!  The One Day Expectant Parent Class and Spinning Babies Parent Classes are now both held at The Birthplace at Cayuga Medical Center. The One-Day class happens the first Saturday of each month from 9am-5pm (except July). There is a limit of 12 couples per class.

The 2019 schedule for Spinning Babies Parent Class dates are 2/13/19, 6/12/19, 10/9/19, 12/11/19 from 6-9pm. There is a limit of 8 couples per class. Both of these classes cost $100 and you can sign up through Cayuga Medical Center: (607) 274-4408.

The Pain Coping Toolbox Class is held at my studio. 201 Dey Street, suite 216. You can sign for these classes through the class link. Group classes of this cost $100, and private classes are $135. *At this time the Pain Coping Toolbox is only being held as a private class.

I am interested in private classes. Is that possible?

Yes! Private classes allow couples to create the series to meet their unique and individual needs.

I am having a (birth center/home/hospital/cesarean/VBAC/OBGYN-assisted/Midwife-assisted) birth. Would your class address my needs?

Yes! I don’t teach to a specific type of birth. Because every birth is unique and often differs from our own best-laid plans, I believe in teaching the full range of options available to couples and support them in their specific birth choices, rather than teach one way to give birth. There is no best way, there is no one way.

I am interested in a VBAC class or Refresher class but don’t see them on the calendar. Are they being offered?

Yes! As a group, they are scheduled based on need.  You can always sign up for these classes as a private one-time class.  The best way to see if it will fit your needs it to contact me.

There are many different childbirth education classes available. What makes your class different?

Holistic Childbirth classes are designed to be much more than a birth class.  A lot of information goes beyond just birth preparation to life after the baby comes, breastfeeding, sexual safety , informed consent, healthy relationships, identity, sexuality and culture. Classes engage students using a wide range of approaches and perspectives.  Rather than come from one philosophy of childbirth education, I pull from many different styles as well as my bodywork, movement, and counseling experiences to best meet the specific needs of the class.  Students can engage with the material through reading, discussion, movies, movement, touch and visualization.  I encourage students to discover their preferences and follow their needs as they arise.  Classes also foster a sense of community, and many students stay in touch after the babies arrive.  Not to mention, it is a lot of fun!

I have a non-traditional family. Will I feel welcome in your class?

Yes, single parents, parents who are adopting, parents who are working with a surrogate/gestational carrier, grandparents, friends and parents of all genders and sexual orientations are welcome!  Please feel free to share with you what your needs are so we are able to best meet them in class. 

I am hoping to have a VBAC. Do you have a class to help me prepare?

Yes, I am happy to offer a private class that is designed to address your specific needs.

When and where are classes held?

Group Class Information: A new 6-week series will start every roughly 2 months and are held at 201 Dey Street, Suite 216. Private Class Information: Private classes can start at anytime in the year and are held in Holistic Childbirth’s Classroom at 201 Dey Street, Suite 216. 

Note: My mailing address is DIFFERENT than my office address. 

The One Day Expectant Parent and Spinning Babies Parent Class are held at Cayuga Medical Center.

For more information about scheduled classes or private instruction, please contact me, or call: 917-613-7865.

How much are your classes, and are they covered by insurance?

The group class series is $289 per couple. Private classes are $429 per couple.  Workshops at Cayuga Medical Center are $100 and payment is made to the hospital directly. Workshops that are held at my studio are $89 per couple for the group classes, and $119 for private workshops - payment is made directly to me..  I also host a FREE What to Expect Class a few times a year.   I do not bill insurance directly, but will give you a receipt for the classes. Depending on your insurance plan, couples may receive reimbursement through insurance or flex spending.  Contact your insurance provider directly for more information and ask if childbirth education classes are covered by your plan.

Payment is due by the first class of the series.

What happens if I sign up, but can’t attend classes after all?

Because class space is limited, when you commit to sign up for the class, I close that slot to another couple who might be interested.  If you cannot attend the class but have signed up already, there is a $150 cancellation fee for the series and a $25 cancellation fee for workshops.