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Doula Services

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Doulas act as physical, emotional and educational support for an individual as that individual and their partner transition into parenthood.  Studies have shown that women who have a doula are:

  • less likely to request pain medication;

  • less likely to have a c-section;

  • more likely to have a shorter labor;

  • more likely to birth spontaneously;

  • more likely to report a satisfying labor.

Depending on the service you engage in, I offer variations of the following: 

  • Free interview to make sure we are a good fit;

  • 2-3 prenatal visits (one to develop a birth plan, and 1-2 as a final check ins before birth);

  • 2-3 postpartum visits (one around day 3 after baby is born, and 1-2 a few (3-6 )weeks after the birth);

  • 5 weeks of being "on-call" (available 24/7 via phone, email or text 3 weeks before your due date and 2 weeks after. I also remain local to Ithaca while on-call);

  • Continuous labor support;

  • Day or night phone, text, skype support during the birth;

  • No birth agenda: I support your birth choices completely no matter what they are;

  • Expertise on labor support, positions, massage, acupressure, rebozo technique and what's "normal" during your labor;

  • Comfort, suggestions, or respite for partners supporting their loved one in labor;

  • A back-up doula to attend the birth if I am unavailable or need a rest during a long birth;

  • Education and counseling as the need arises;

  • Lots of encouragement, support, warm smiles, laughter and the occasional comic relief.

As a doula, I do not: 

  • Speak on your behalf to your doctor during labor or delivery. (I strongly believe it is important for couples to have good communication with their providers, and be responsible for the choices they need to make during delivery);

  • Provide medical care or suggestions. My focus is labor support, physical and emotional comfort;

  • Take responsibility for the outcomes of your birth. Your birth is YOURS! I support and encourage you in your journey no matter what choices you make;

  • Replace your partner. We will work together to find the best way you wish to be supported during your birth.

We will be a good fit if:

  • You are looking for a transformative birth;

  • You are someone who likes to learn about evidence based education;

  • You are able to laugh even when things feel frustrating;

  • You take your care seriously, but maybe need some support accessing you care;

  • You are less likely to take things at face value and take time to form your own opinion or take your own path;

  • You have an open mind to birth.

We won't be a good fit if:

  • you don't want to learn about birth or your body;

  • you want me to speak on you behalf;

  • you are looking for me to make decisions for you;

  • you expect my presence at your birth to be a band-aid or expect me to be a miracle worker;

  • you want me to be your doula for your life.

The cost of doula services varies based on the service you purchase.

Insider doula tip:  Check your insurance or flex spending account to see if they will cover some or all the cost of your doula.  While doulas don't bill insurance directly, fees are often reimbursable.  Better yet, rather than have your friends and family pay for mountains of onesies, have them chip in to pay for your doula!  Your babies will be out of his/her onesies before you know it - feeling supported and cared for in your birth is something that will stay with you forever. 

*if my back-up attends the birth instead of me, she receives the remaining fee.

**if you choose not to call me during your birth for whatever reason, I collect the full fee.

***if I am unable to attend the birth and there is not back up (due to illness, weather, or emergencies), the remainder of the fee is waived.

Space is limited in my doula schedule.  I only take 1-2 clients per month.  Please contact me for a free consultation before singing up for my services. or (917) 613 7865

"Before the birth we could not have imagined the degree to which Kate would help us, nor can we now imagine having dealt with labor without her.  Kate shared and shaped a most important moment in our life as a family and will be in our hearts forever."- P, D

Type of Doula Service:
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Types of Doula Care:

Prenatal and Postpartum Deposit: $500

The deposit covers our prenatal and postpartum time together.  During this time we will get to know each other, develop a birth plan, work out logistics for the birth, go over basic birth education, practice positions and movement, and spend time to supporting you and your partner navigate your birth options towards the end of your pregnancy.   This includes in-person, phone, email and text message communication.   Postpartum visits include talking about the birth, answering your questions, listening to your new parenting and partner concerns, evaluating how breastfeeding is going, assessing your physical recovery, perinatal mood depression screening, and referrals to local support systems and providers to ease your transition into parenthood.  (*this service is for local or long distance clients)

Birth Fee: $1,100

The birth fee covers my on-call time and our time together in the birth.  My role as your doula is something we uncover together.  I provide non-judgemental support as I support you through your birth.  Pulling from a decade of experience, I come with a bag full of best practices.  While offering an inside view of birthing in many different hospitals and with many different providers, I can help you easily navigate the options that are available to you.   (*I would LOVE to be flown to exotic places to support women with their birth, at this time I only attend births at Cayuga Medical Center, Arnot Ogdon Medical Center, Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, PA, Cortland Regional Medical Center, Auburn Memorial Hospital and your home- if it's located in Tompkins, Cortland, and Schuyler counties). 

Consulting Doula Care: $557

This service includes the prenatal visits and postpartum visits as I would work with any doula client, but also offers additional support during the birth.   Rather than being with you in the birth room, I am on call to answer questions, offer suggestions and provide remote support day or NIGHT! Support can be provided over FaceTime, Skype, text or phone.  (*this service is for local or long distance clients).