Developing Your Pain Coping Toolbox


Developing Your Pain Coping Toolbox

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Upcoming Developing your Pain Coping Toolbox

You already have what you need to in order to have a baby. REALLY. Birth doesn’t need to be a mystery, scary or traumatic. The body knows what it needs throughout the whole process and, to put it simply, if you can breathe, poop and have a uterus, you can have a baby.

However, we can make it MUCH more enjoyable with a few coping tools. As creatures of habit, humans behave how they always have for coping with pain and stress. In addition to learning birth best practices form an experienced doula, this workshop helps you explore your natural and well honed physical and emotional pain coping strategies and apply them to birth. 

We will cover:

  • Natural methods of coping with physical and emotional stress;

  • Rediscovering your own coping resources;

  • Connecting with your partner for birth and beyond;

  • Movement for pregnancy;

  • Positions for birth;

  • Doula best practices;

  • Acupressure;

  • Rebozo;

  • Massage;

  • Birth teams;

  • Navigating care options;

  • Birth plans;

  • Establishing great communication with your care provider;

  • Coping with detours;

  • AND much more!

This course is best for you if:

  • You don't have time for a full 6 week course;

  • You want to explore the physical AND emotional ways of coping with labor;

  • You know that birth doesn't need to suck;

  • You are engaged in your healthcare;

  • You seek out evidence-based information;

  • You want to connect with your partner and develop tools within your relationship that will serve you for life;

  • You want to cut through all the "shoulds" for coping with labor and parenting to find your own way;

  • You are planning ANY type of birth;

  • You want to feel validated;

  • You don't want to feel judged for your decisions; AND

  • You want to feel prepared and strong during your birth.

December 14th, 2016, 6-9pm:
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Classes FAQ

What is the best way to sign up for classes?

The best way to sign up is through the link on the classes page.  Group classes will be closed when there are 7 couples signed up, and will need a minimum of three couples for a series or workshop to run. If you are not sure if this is a good fit, schedule a 15 minute call with Kate to find out more information: 917-613-7865.

When should I take classes?

Babies can arrive anytime after 37 weeks of pregnancy. It is best to be done with your childbirth education classes by 36 or 37 weeks to be on the safe side. 

I am having a (birth center/home/hospital/cesarean/VBAC/OBGYN-assisted/Midwife-assisted) birth. Would your class address my needs?

Yes! I don’t teach to a specific type of birth. Because every birth is unique and often differs from our own best-laid plans, I believe in teaching the full range of options available to couples and support them in their specific birth choices, rather than teach one way to give birth. There is no best way, there is no one way.

I am interested in a Pain Coping, VBAC workshop or Refresher class but don’t see them on the calendar. Are they being offered?

Yes! As a group, they are scheduled based on need.  You can always sign up for these classes as a private one-time class.  The best way to see if it will fit your needs it to contact me.

There are many different childbirth education classes available. What makes your class different?

Holistic Childbirth classes are designed to be much more than a birth class.  A lot of information goes beyond just birth preparation to life after the baby comes, breastfeeding, sexual safety , informed consent, healthy relationships, identity, sexuality and culture. Classes engage students using a wide range of approaches and perspectives.  Rather than come from one philosophy of childbirth education, I pull from many different styles as well as my counseling experiences to best meet the specific needs of the class.  Students can engage with the material through reading, discussion, movies, movement, touch and visualization.  I encourage students to discover their preferences and follow their needs as they arise.  Classes also foster a sense of community, and many students stay in touch after the babies arrive.  Not to mention, it is a lot of fun!

I have a non-traditional family. Will I feel welcome in your class?

Yes, single parents, parents who are adopting, parents who are working with a surrogate/gestational carrier, grandparents, friends and parents of all genders and sexual orientations are welcome!  Please feel free to share with you what your needs are so we are able to best meet them in class.

When and where are classes held?

Group Class Information: A new 6-week series will start every roughly 2 months. Private classes can start at anytime in the year. At this time The Pain Coping Toolbox, VBAC Class, or Refresher class are held as private sessions only anytime throughout the year. These classes are all held at my studio, 201 Dey Street, Suite 216. 

Note: My mailing address is DIFFERENT than my office address. 

The One Day Expectant Parent, and The Spinning Babies Parent Class are held at Cayuga Medical Center.

For more information about scheduled classes or private instruction, please contact me, or call: 917-613-7865.

How much are your classes, and are they covered by insurance?

The group class series is $289 per couple. Private classes are $429 per couple.  Workshops are $100 per couple (group rate) or $135 (private), except the FREE What to Expect Class.   I do not bill insurance directly, but will give you a receipt for the classes. Depending on your insurance plan, couples may receive reimbursement through insurance or flex spending.  Contact your insurance provider directly for more information and ask if childbirth education classes are covered by your plan.

Payment is due by the first class of the series.

What happens if I sign up, but can’t attend classes after all?

Because class space is limited, when you commit to sign up for the class, I close that slot to another couple who might be interested.  If you cannot attend the class but have signed up already, there is a $150 cancellation fee for the series and a $25 cancellation fee for workshops.