Reiki Birth Visualization


Reiki Birth Visualization


Perinatal Birth Reiki and Visualization

People experience a wide range of physical and emotional experiences during pregnancy.  Sometimes the transitions pregnant individuals go through deserve deeper exploration. Using visualization and Reiki can help ease normal worries and fears while providing a safe space for individuals to explore their feelings as they prepare for parenthood.  Individuals who have sought perinatal counseling services have felt more prepared and capable for birth, and report an easier, more satisfying birth experience.
This tool combines the Peterson-Method of Body Centered Hypnosis (BCH) and Heart-Path Reiki to support people with the unique emotional needs in and around their pregnancy.  BCH uses counseling, visualization, hypnosis, education, and creative outlets to provide individuals and their partners an opportunity to explore the many emotions that commonly occur during preconception, pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. Combining this technique with Reiki allows for deeper energetic shifts following the pace and needs of the client. Pregnant people experiencing the following might be interested in this valuable resource:

  • fears, ambivalence, and anxieties in pregnancy, birth, and parenting;

  • a desire to heal from prior pregnancies, losses, or traumatic birth experiences;

  • an affinity or curiosity about Reiki and body-centered hypnosis;

  • a desire to reduce stress about pregnancy and birth, while developing confidence in birthing and parenting;

  • a desire to work towards a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC);

  • concerns that history of sexual or physical abuse might impact their birthing or parenting;

  • a desire to identify their own coping style for pain;

  • a history of postpartum depression or trouble adjusting to parenthood;

  • a history of miscarriage and perinatal loss;

  • a desire to process a past birth experience or adjustment to parenthood;

  • a normal pregnancy with a wish to explore their vision of birth, and to deepen the connection with their baby and birth experience.

“The hypnosis exercise that Kate took me through undoubtedly gave me confidence and reassurance that I could have a healthy birth.”
- JS, 2009

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Perinatal Counseling FAQ

Information about this unique counseling model from
“How is the Peterson Model different from other childbirth methods?

The model is unique in two ways…


It is based on psychological theory that supports the development of the individual. It is a model that facilitates a growth through coping with pregnancy and labor and becoming a parent. The goal is self-discovery, development and solidifying a person’s self esteem through this process. It does not presume a particular outcome, but supports an individual to face the reality of coping with birth and life. The model is both broad and deep, in order to encompass the full spectrum of women’s varying experiences and needs. It is an individualized approach.


It is a preventative model that can help to reduce risk in childbirth. Clients have an opportunity in the birth counselor interview to not only express their anxieties, but to address them before the labor ensues. This provides a framework to truly handle fear and anxiety, including previous traumatic childbirth experience, lessening the impact of distress when labor occurs.

How does this kind of approach affect childbirth outcome?

Research supports the fact that when individuals are able to address anxieties specific to their situations, it reduces stress in the body. Because these anxieties have been realized and a person has the opportunity to resolve certain issues prenatally, their experience of labor is generally smoother and medical outcomes are better. If there is a complication, they are more likely to be able to cope with it, reducing physical stress for them and their baby during labor.

How does this model support birthing individuals?

The philosophy of the model accepts women where they are in their lives and facilitates their development, whatever their choices. As such, it supports individuals through the process of giving birth, allowing them to discover their needs and address them in the context of childbirth. It does not dictate how to give birth. This allows a provider to encompasses the full range of venues using this model; from hospital, birthing center to home birth. This model can be utilized effectively with natural, medicated or surgical intervention as necessary.”

About Kate’s Services:

How long are counseling sessions?

The full counseling series happens in four parts:

  1. Initial intake

  2. Session on discovering your individual pain coping techniques

  3. Body Centered Hypnosis Reiki session

  4. Postpartum follow-up

Each session is 1-2 hours depending on an individual’s needs.

Can I schedule more sessions if I feel like I need it?

Yes!  For example, if a person is concerned about pre-term labor, a monthly check-in and hypnosis session would be very beneficial.  Your emotional needs may shift as you approach your due date, we can meet as many times as you feel necessary to feel supported in each stage.

Should I include my partner in these sessions?

Partners often participate in the pain coping session and occasionally the postpartum follow up.  The joint session is a great way to start the discussion about meeting your needs in labor as well as preparing for any postpartum adjustments that naturally occur.

Is this like Hypno-birthing?

Yes and no. Yes, in that both methods encourage women to use relaxation as they prepare for birth. No, in that Body-Centered Hypnosis does not require you to learn any techniques for your birth. BCH is done primarily prenatally, and I incorporate your specific history into a birth visualization. Individuals often feel calm, prepared and capable, and don’t tend to use hypnosis as a relaxation technique during the birth. I do help client’s discover their natural coping technique and build up a toolbox of support resources to call upon, as necessary, during their birth.  This model encourages to cope with pain, rather than using hypnosis to disassociate from the experience.

I am interested in your counseling services.  When in my pregnancy should I contact you?

That depends.  If you have specific concerns about the pregnancy or birth,  I recommend contacting me earlier in the pregnancy so we are best able to meet your specific needs.  If you are just looking to prepare for an upcoming birth, anytime between your 32nd and 37th week of pregnancy gives you plenty of time to complete the counseling sessions.  Individuals can contact me anytime before becoming pregnant or after their birth to meet their needs during the periods around a pregnancy.  Feel free to contact me to discuss this on an individual basis.

When are your hours and where do sessions happen?

I am available for sessions Tuesday-Thursday from 8-5pm at my office @ 203, 201 Dey Street, Suite 203.  If you are not local to Ithaca, we can also schedule sessions through Skype, FaceTime, or on the phone.

What is your fee schedule?

I charge $89/hour at the Dey Street location.   If I travel to your home for sessions my fee is $125 /hour.  Phone sessions are also $89/hour.

I am interested in your services, but I am not local to Ithaca.  Can I still use your services?

Yes! Almost everything that I do can be done over the phone. I can send the hypnosis sessions via email or on a CD in the mail. Email or give a call to schedule a session to get started.

I think that this would be great for me, but I am not sure. Can I call to talk to you about my specific needs to make sure this is a good fit?

Absolutely!  Schedule a 15 minute call and I’d be happy to talk your specific needs and help you figure out the best way to meet those needs.