Hear from former clients and students about working with Kate:

Counseling/Coaching Testimonials

The hypnosis exercise that Kate took me through undoubtedly gave me confidence and reassurance that I could have a natural birth. After meeting with me and spending a great deal of time learning about my previous birth experience, concerns about my upcoming delivery, and concerns about bringing a baby home to meet my toddler, Kate then customized a visualization exercise which mapped out my labor, birth and postpartum period. A week after we met, I went into labor and I was surprised when I heard Kate’s voice in my head during a contractions: “…and baby is diving down, down, DOWN…” My body and brain connected automatically because I had been there before. Kate was with me during my labor, though not physically in the room! In addition to the exercise being a great tool for any pregnant woman to have in their “bag of tricks,” I would like to add that Kate is tremendously perceptive and responsive as a counselor. She listens to your concerns with great empathy and somehow knows exactly what a woman who is about take the greatest journey of her life needs to hear. Thank you, Kate!
— JHS, 2009
Dear Kate,
I wanted to write and thank you for all that you have done for me and my family. My pregnancy was a difficult one. I had a lot of fear relating to having a second child, miscarrying, as well as carrying my pregnancy to term with Hashimoto’s disease. At our first meeting as soon as my baby heard your voice he wiggled and moved … when I hadn’t felt movement all day. I knew you were right for us. The hypnosis worked beautifully. I looked forward to our sessions tucked away in the safety of my home. I listened to the discs daily, and throughout the day your voice would remind me of the positives, gently guiding me to visualize a healthy future. It still amazes me that my son was born exactly when you said he should come, at full term. The visualizations were beautiful and really helped me to connect with my baby on the inside. You helped me to be courageous and joyous at the same time releasing my fears. Looking at them in depth and re-framing them. You took the time for me. I appreciate that you never forgot about me. You always were there when you said you would be, and then some. Thank you for coming to see me at the hospital when I was concerned about pre term labor contractions. It wasn’t your job to be there, but you chose to be there with me. You eased my fears with your knowledge and comfort. Your presence at my home for our son’s birth carried me. I could not have done it without you. You have powerful instincts. You were a voice of strength and encouragement. You knew what I needed and when I felt like I was spiraling out of control, you brought me back to center. You believed in me when I had doubt. I am so grateful to you and for you. You have a warmth about you, a way about you … like a safety net for anyone who’s scared of falling. You caught me and I now have a beautiful baby boy who was born safely at home in my bed. Thank you!
— JG, 2009

Doula Testimonials

Over the past three years, I have attended numerous births with Kate. Her level of professionalism both as a Doula and Childbirth Educator is unwavering. I have witnessed Kate over and over share evidence based care and education with her client in such a way that instills them with self-confidence and self-awareness, allowing the client to make educated decisions regarding her personal birth choices. Kate is a strong, powerful presence in our local birth community and we are lucky to have her!
— Lisa Benedetto, CNM
We are enormously pleased with the role that Kate played in Pia’s birth. We feel that she shares equal responsibility with our midwife in helping Pia give birth naturally despite considerable challenges. Pia’s labor was long and intense and Kate’s physical and emotional stamina never waned.

She was attentive to the needs of both mother and father, her knowledge of labor coping strategies was extensive and practical, and her presence was calming and encouraging. Before the birth we could not have imagined the degree to which Kate would help us, nor can we now imagine having dealt with labor without her. Kate shared and shaped a most important moment in our life as a family and will be in our hearts forever.

We thank our “fairy godmother” for her invaluable help and wish her luck in a career for which she is so wonderfully suited.
— PB, DB and Uri, 2008
For anyone expecting in the Ithaca area. Kate is amazing and an invaluable resource!
— DC, 2016

Doula Testimonials, Con't

As a doula and childbirth educator, Kate has proven herself to be passionate and dedicated to her clients’ well being. Clients of mine that I refer to her for doula care or childbirth classes consistently admire and praise her work ethic, exuberant energy, and wonderful sense of humor. She is able to communicate with people on a deeply personal level, remaining positive and friendly even when talking about sensitive or controversial topics.

If you were to ask previous clients and other birth workers about Kate’s reputation in our community, you would consistently hear that she is a tireless advocate for women’s rights and choices. She is a confident leader and gently encourages others to get involved in the topics that she is passionate about at their own pace and comfort level. When I refer my clients to Kate, I know that they will be receiving the highest quality care available to them in this community.
— Sandra Londino, CNM, 2015
If I were to have another baby, there would be no one else than Kate Dimpfl to be my doula!
— SH, 2016
Kate’s class and help as our doula during our birth and postpartum period was beyond helpful. I felt like she knew me, and helped me to get in touch with the mama I wanted to be. She’s the best there is.
— JL & JL, 2016
The closest I find myself to pregnancy these days is enjoying the expectant characters on our current fave tv series, Bones, but if another baby were to miraculously manifest, Kate would be my doula.
— EM, 2016
Kate always worked with a high-degree of professionalism as a childbirth educator and doula. She created a safe space in her class for us to share our fears and dreams related to childbirth and parenthood. Kate respectfully pushed us to explore our options for labor and helped us to visualize what kind of birth experience we wanted. I know my husband appreciated that Kate paid equal attention to the spouses in the class as to the moms. He felt the class prepared him to be a better birth partner and to understand what labor would be like for me. As my doula, Kate constantly checked in with me in the weeks leading up to and after my due date to provide any support I needed. When I was finally in labor, Kate worked extremely well with the nurses and midwives in the hospital to ensure that I had the birth experience I had envisioned for myself. In the weeks following birth, Kate encouraged me to get together with other new moms and also connected me with her former clients in my neighborhood. Her encouragement helped me to form a network of other new moms, which has been incredibly helpful as I’ve grown into motherhood
I cannot say enough good things about Kate as a childbirth educator and doula. She put me at ease in a way that none of the books I bought about pregnancy and birth did. Kate often used humor to make light of the fact that my inner mammal self would help me throughout the birthing process and that biological perspective was extremely comforting and empowering for me. I had an amazing labor experience, due in large part to understanding and appreciating (thanks to Kate) what was going on with my body and mind throughout the process. I will naturally look back fondly on the birth of my first child and Kate will always hold a prominent place in that cherished memory.
— CM, 2015
Kate epitomizes the type of individual that any provider of any type of care should try to emulate in a helping profession. Kate stays on the cutting edge of information and knowledge in her field and can seamlessly take a person or couple who has absolutely zero knowledge regarding the birth process, and through her demeanor and practice methods leave them totally at ease entering their labor.
As the leading Doula in the Ithaca, NY community, Kate was the first doula I heard about when I found out I was pregnant. She was recommended to me by one of my midwives. Kate collaborates well with the local providers. I remember walking into the labor and delivery suite and Kate being welcomed joyously by all of the nurses there as well. I also had been attending prenatal yoga and there were many other women who had hired Kate as their doula and I noticed her to be the most highly regarded and talked about of the local doulas.
My husband and I initially hired Kate for childbirth education. Being my first pregnancy, I did not understand how glorious the impact would be of having a doula present for prenatal education, childbirth, and postpartum support. We walked into her office for the first time to immediately see and feel her 10 years of doula experience. Midway through our childbirth education experience, we were convinced SHE, not just any doula, needed to be there. Her knowledge about women and childbirth and so much more surrounding those topics, was and is impressive. Every question we asked, she had an educated answer to and if she didn’t, her reply was, “let me research that”.
My birth experience was intense, as most are. At many points throughout labor, I voiced my desire for an epidural, which according to my birth plan, was exactly the opposite of what I wanted. Kate was with me through almost every contraction and I truly believe without her support, I would have had an epidural and who knows what other interventions that may have lead to and for that, I am very grateful. As a nurse who has practiced in the mental health field, I am keenly aware of how delicate mental health is in the post-partum phase. Kate provided excellent education preceding birth and was very thorough in asking the right questions following birth. She did so without making it feel “clinical” and was more of an ongoing conversation. That’s how Kate is. Her work is clearly so much a part of her being.
Kate shared plenty of information with us during out time with her. Kate educated us by giving us all of the information and showing us various aspects of what she was teaching. We were then able to make informed decisions based upon what was best for us as a couple and family. Kate’s commitment to evidence-based practice is inherent in her methodology and she never ceases to amaze as a true professional within her craft to always doing the right thing that drives her.
— GB, TB, 2015

Teaching Testimonials

We are continuing to reap the amazing benefits of Kate’s childbirth prep class. Highly recommended to Ithaca-area parents-to-be!
— KA, MA- 2015
Ooooh my goodness! I don’t know what I would have done without this class! Kate, your guidance and help in this class and even after birth was so so key in helping me to become a more confident mama.
— MC, 2015
Kate’s series was fun and informative. we loved the privacy of doing the classes in our home and after the 3 classes I felt like I had a much better understanding of the workings of the birth process which gave me confidence in my body. we had a great natural home birth and I have to say I felt completely prepared and able to go through with the labor without fear or anxiety. Thanks Kate and thanks to my body and baby!
— E&B, 2010
Pregnant? Know someone who is? Take the best class in town for preparing for your baby. Taught by an amazing person. Heck, take the class even if you’re not pregnant. You’ll learn so much.
— JM & AR, 2015
Kate is an educated professional who also brings with her the personality of a warm friend. Her childbirth class series was tailored to fit our particular needs, although she covered a variety of birthing possibilities. She mixes straightforward lecturing with pertinent exercises, such as drawing our idea of the birth, learning how I cope with the pain and discomfort with an ice exercise, and watching videos on the stages of labor and women’s various rituals in birth. Her classes go beyond what you would get in your average textbook or guide. For example, I’ve never seen a guide to newborn poop (which was one of the most helpful things Kate left with us- it was on our fridge for the first couple of weeks of our daughter’s life). Kate also taught us about the ways that people learn and, in turn, deal with the pain. This type of work served us well during labor. She covers everything from the signs of early labor to breastfeeding and newborn care. Overall, we felt extremely comfortable with Kate and well-prepared for the birth following her series. She was even available after the birth for further questions (Kate is a truly wonderful resource for all stages of pregnancy and birth). Kate’s course is a must for any expectant mother. It was given to us as a shower gift and was the best gift we received.
— L&D, 2010
I took this class with Lev when I was pregnant. We both absolutely loved it and it was one of the best things we did for us and baby. We learned about what to expect, how to embrace and even enjoy labor, and how to lean on and support one another; so much great information.
— AF, LP, 2015
The class with Kate was a tremendous help, helping me to understand my methods for coping with discomfort and to liberate me from any self-consciousness so that I could focus during labor. It was also incredibly helpful and empowering to know what was happening within my body. The other major benefit of taking the class was taking the time to learn about infants, given that I had little experience with babies and no experience with newborns. The portion of the class dedicated to breastfeeding, diapering and bathing as well as what things to expect in the beginning days and weeks helped my husband and I relax and enjoy our newborn and get breastfeeding off to a great and confident start
— VG, 2010
The most helpful part of Kate’s classes was the sense of calm and reassurance from the Kate. I think what I found most helpful was the overall approach to birth that was discussed throughout the class, as a natural, normal and manageable thing. Her class came highly recommended by several of our friends and we are so glad we decided to attend. The class was thorough, comprehensive and fun. Kate is an excellent teacher, engaging, warm and very knowledgeable. She has a clear appreciation of the birthing process and her confidence in our capacity as future parents was contagious. The six sessions covered everything from child birth to newborn care in a format that combined extensive reading material and lively discussions in class. In addition to forging new friendships with other expecting parents, I believe that the class helped us shed the many fears we had going forth into our first childbirth and allowed us to have a delivery we will remember fondly. In stark contrast, we also attended one of the more conventional child birth courses at a local clinic, which left us feeling anxious, confused and un-empowered. We would recommend Kate’s class to all expecting parents.
— PB, 2011
My husband and I found Kate’s class to be extremely informative. We didn’t feel she was pushing any sort of thoughts about how she felt the birthing experience should be. Rather, she provided information on all options available. Kate’s approach and personality made us feel comfortable and at ease to ask any type of question. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to feel more informed throughout labor.
— RR, 2012
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your amazing birthing class. I really enjoyed getting to know you and learning so many things in such an awesome environment. Your class was such an important piece to the puzzle that lead me to having such an amazing laboring experience. It was the empowering, natural birthing experience that I dreamed of having!
— CA, 2015