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November/December Unmethod Childbirth Class


6 week Thursday Series: November 7- December 19th (skipping thanksgiving), 6-9pm

LOCATION: 201 Dey Street, Suite 216

There is no right or wrong way to birth a baby. Couples are faced with many decisions to navigate as they make the best choices for themselves. I believe that childbirth education is profoundly important in helping women and couples explore their options while they prepare for birth and the transition into parenthood. Having access to information is both a right and a responsibility as a new parent.  Birth is transformed when a person can bring trust, an awareness of their needs, and physiology to the birthing process.

Rather than teach one type of labor support, I teach the Un-Method-Method.  Classes are designed to help couples understand the birth process, while providing information what the evidence shows us about birth .  By helping them understand the array of options available and teaching a wide range of coping strategies, rather than placing a premium on one style of birth, couples have a satisfying birth - no matter what.  I connect parents to their strengths and beliefs about birth and parenting.  Pulling away from the birth "plan,"  I teach individuals to follow their instincts in birth, empowering them to make the choices that are right for their body, their birth and their baby.  This comprehensive class will leave you feeling ready and excited for birth, parenting and all the shifts individuals go through during this transition.